Are You Tired of Being Mediocre?

Ask yourself this question…Are you tired of being mediocre? Yes you! Quit looking around to see who else might be in the room that I am talking to. I’m talking to you. Fact is, most of us are mediocre. We accept being mediocre. We hang out with mediocre people. We have a mediocre family. We go through a mediocre day so that we can come home and watch less than mediocre TV shows and then goto sleep in our mediocre bed in our mediocre house. Mediocre IS the accepted normal. If you’re happy with that, fine.

But, what if you’re better than mediocre? What if you have more to offer? What if you had an avenue to change lives? I believe everyone has something more than mediocrity to offer the world! But, you have to find what that is on your own. THis is the MAIN reason I became a Personal Trainer. After losing 300 pounds, I refused to accept mediocrity, so I quit my mediocre job as a Traffic Reporter. It doesn’t mean I became successful all at once. It took 2 years of struggling. I refused to work for a big corporate gym. That would be mediocre. I did what I did for me and now it was time to show others what they could do!

Not everyone has 300 pounds to lose, but EVERYONE has something in their life they can improve. Yes, I still try to improve every day. It doesn’t have to be health. It could be finances, being a better parent to your kids, being a better leader at work, being a better coach to your team, being a better neighbor, being a better member of your church, or just being better throughout the day to everyone.

If you dread the start to each week, you’re probably mediocre at best. If you just look forward to getting time off from work, you have a mediocre job. If you only look forward to just getting home, you have a mediocre life. It’s a fact. But, if you look forward to making a positive influence in someone’s life every day, if you look forward to getting up in the morning, if you look forward to Monday, if you look forward to finding opportunity where most people just overlook it, you’re something special.

Which do you desire to be, mediocre or something special? Decide for yourself and start living that way!

Join me in being better than mediocre!




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