Wake Up and Take What’s Yours!

I don’t mean to actually take things from others…what I do mean is to make a routine to get up, feed yourself right, exercise, and get your day started with an explosion!  The more you get going early, the more you opportunity there is to change your life for the better.  Not only will you be ready to take on the day, but doors will open.

Sometimes people think that because I lost 300 pounds that people were lining up from day 1 to train with me and change their lives for the better like I did mine.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Fact is, the first year and a half as an independent Personal Trainer was the the hardest year and a half of my life!  In the past I would have just given up.  I had 1 client and I had to drive 45 minutes to her place to train her!  She wouldn’t follow my nutritional advice and wasn’t losing any weight.  She was a super nice person, but sometimes would cancel on me when I was already on my way.  I’m telling you this because the only reason I kept her as long as I did was because she was my ONLY client!  I couldn’t afford to “fire” her.  I would still get up at 6am every day even though I didn’t have to.  I was convinced that over time, I would gradually get clients.  I believed in myself even if nobody else (other than my wife and mom) did.   Slowly but surely, I would get a new client here or there.  Some people, I would train for free just for the experience.  Since I used Advocare products during my transformation, some thought I was just trying to “sell” products too.  That wasn’t my intention, but people put up barriers all over the place out of fear.  I just knew what worked for me.  My self confidence was at an all time low…even though I had lost 300 pounds!

Then Good Morning America came calling.  I had maybe 5 clients, but I would still get up at 6 am, feed myself a nutritional breakfast, and get my day started as if I had a full day ahead of me!  Surprisingly, I only garnered a few more clients from national media exposure.  I still believe it was my lack of self confidence, which I’ve been battling since my teenage years.  I lived life in fear of everything!  Then, I was on Good Morning Texas.  I was fine in the media realm because I spent a decade as a radio talk show/morning show host.  Most recently I was a traffic announcer. I knew how to put on a very confident face.  I knew I could help people and I believed in myself, but my confidence off the air was still need ing some work.  Every day, I would still get up at 5 or 6 am, eat a good breakfast, and go work out even if I didn’t have any early morning clients that day.

The reason I’m going into such detail is that doors started opening because I was just out there!  I was around people.  When you get around people and you live your life how you say others should, things will happen.  Took me nearly 2 years!  Most would have given up.  I was broke.  My wife had a job change after 11 years with the same company.  It was the toughest thing I’ve ever been through…including my weight loss.  But, I knew in my heart I was doing the right thing!  No vacations, driving an 11 year old car, living in a 30 year old small condo (where I still live) that needs some serious updating, and still knowing I was on the right path!  I had faith in myself and what I did, even if my self confidence didn’t show it.  Fact is, I still had it better than the majority of people in America, but that’s not how we are told to think.  Thanks to media and advertising, we are told that we never have it good enough!  I actually had it pretty good.  Things didn’t start to turn around until I understood just that.  I’m not a lucky guy, I’ve earned EVERYTHING I have through hard work.  Nothing came easy, but I earned it!  Fact is, If I didn’t stick to my regular schedule of getting up by 6am, eating a good breakfast, and training, I wouldn’t have what I have today.  It got me ready so that, when those doors were in front of me, I would kick them in and take what’s mine!


Fast forward to today…I never knew my training business would be this good!  Not only profitable, but I have the best clients in the world!  I partnered with the best gym I’ve ever been a part of, Anytime Fitness East Plano, TX, and things will only get better!  I look forward to getting up at 330AM, eating breakfast, walking my doge, and going in to train people from 5am to 9pm almost every day!  I train everyone from Police Officers, CPA’s, Judges, Pizza Delivery Drivers, College Recruiters, Insurance Sales People, Real Estate Agents, Computer Graphic Designers, Ministers, Nurses, Doctors, and Pharmacy Technicians!  I’ve set up plans anyone can afford but can still earn a tremendous living doing what I love to do!  Best yet, I’m my OWN BOSS!  My successes and failures are up to ME and ME alone.  All because I spent two lean years getting up very early, having a very healthy breakfast, training, and kicking down doors!  Because of Advocare, I get to help people all over the country with their nutrition too!  I’ve helped people in Florida, Colorado, Wyoming, Chicago, Amarillo, Nevada, California, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Washington, Virginia, and many other places around the country!  Fact is, I wouldn’t have these opportunities if I didn’t start my day off right.

How do I start my day you ask?  Weekdays, I have a Spark vitamin drink with my supplements, walk my dogs, have either Muscle Gain protein powder or a Meal Replacement Shake (blended with spinach, frozen blueberries & strawberries, and unsweetened almond milk), and get ready to kick doors in the rest of the day!  Weekends, when I have more time, I have Spark and either steel cut oatmeal with a scoop of Muscle Gain or 3 scrambled eggs with veggies.  Now days, the doors know what’s coming and tend to just open themselves so they don’t have to get kicked in!

Now I’m doing something I never thought I would do, I’m training for the Savage Race in Texas this September http://www.savagerace.com !  I’m 41 years old and used to weigh 500 pounds.  I plan on winning my age group and beating most of the younger people along the way!  Fact is, there won’t be anyone else that used to weigh what I did, is 41 years old, and missing half a kidney, who will have done what I have.  Not bragging, just fact.  I want all of you to feel this good too!  The world would be an amazing place if everyone lived up to their potential and lifted others up in the same way!

Today, I’ll be on The Huffington post Live at 1pm central time to talk about the importance of nutrition and breakfast along with getting your workout in early in the morning.  I will also archive the video here when It is ready.  I love doing the public speaking circuit as well!  www.huffpostlive.com

Below are some of my current clients and their successes.  It doesn’t matter where in the USA you live, you could be the next success!  Just start your day off right and the rest of the day is yours to conquer!






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