Decention and we haven’t even started!

We aren’t even on day and I’m having to rally the troops.   We start our 24 Day challenge September 3rd.  My name is Brian Beck and I’m a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer who personally lost more than 300 pounds!  This is why 5 different guys sought me out to help them. They are collectively called the “One Ton 5”.  Walt, Jon, Billy, David, and Bentley.  Each has his own reason for seeking me out.  I thought it would be a great idea to have these guys be on the same team.  They would not only be accountable to me, but to each other.  They have 1 year to lose more than 500 pounds!

As of today, Friday August 23rd, I haven’t heard from Billy in 4 days.  Do we have the first person to drop out of the Challenge?  We all need to order our 24 Day Challenges to get this started.  I have all of the guys starting off with the Advocare 24 Day Challenge because it will get their habits going in the right direction when it comes to clean eating.  That includes what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. I’ve completed 4 Challenges and lost 80 pounds on them alone.  My wife has done 3 Challenges and lost 40 pounds on them.  I have EVERY weight loss client start off with a 24 Day Challenge when I train them.  I had on 1 of 22 people not be successful with at least a 7 pound weight loss.  She admitted she did not eat right during the 24 days.  

Walt is already saying he is going to have a problem because of his schedule as a Professional Photographer.  David, Jon, and Bentley seem ready to go now!  This is why I have a team.  If Billy doesn’t come back, he will be letting these guys down.  If Walt uses his excuses of work, he will be letting these guys down.  I’m just the coach.  All I can tell them is what to do. It’s up to them to do it!  I don’t like hearing excuses.  Just admit to your mistakes and failures, then move on.  All you can worry about is right now!

David is missing his left leg from an ATV accident.  I never heard him complain once…at least not about what he has to embark on for weight loss.  Jon is going to be fantastic!  He has a hernia about the size of a cantaloupe.  That isn’t going to stop him. Bentley left his medical research job to become a full time minister and hopes this can reach thousands of people without hope.  

I hope we don’t have our first person to quit, but I won’t beg him to stay.  He has to decide on his own. I don’t quit on anyone as long as they don’t quit on themselves!  I can’t wait because no matter who we end with, I guarantee you that we will lose more than 500 pounds!  Anyone out there can do a challenge with us. Be a part of the


Brian Beck – Certified Personal Fitness Trainer



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