Just for my Advocare Friends


I’ve lost 300 pounds that I wouldn’t have lost without Advocare, I’m Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, I’m a published author for youth fitness in Dallas Child Magazine, I’ve helped people lose over 1200 pounds in the past year, I’ve been on Good Morning America, Good Morning Texas, and multiple appearances with the Huffington Post. All of this, and some people still wont listen to me when it comes to health. I say this, because when you’re told “no”, it hurts because you KNOW Advocare will help them. We have thousands of people who have improved not only their health, but their lives and the lives of others just following our plan. We are about paying it forward. It’s what we do. Most still aren’t comfortable when people want to help. Oh, it costs money so “they’re out to get me”. I don’t know about you, but I have a reputation to uphold. I won’t throw my name behind a company that isn’t anything but stellar!

I say this because you are fighting the good fight. If someone needs help and won’t listen, they’re just not ready to truly live life. I couldn’t fit in an jumbo jet airplane seat and now I can fly in a Cessna! I couldn’t walk to my mailbox and now I’m running 5k’s! The products work, the business works, it makes life worth living! You’re spreading hope to those with none, but only those truly willing to listen will get the message. 

Yes I make a good living with Advocare and my Personal Training business. I have no shame in that. If someone can make a good living selling alcohol, artery clogging food, playing sports, selling ice cream, acting, or ranting about politics on TV, I have NO problem earning a good living being a positive influence in people’s lives. I love what I do and I’m great at it. All of you should hold your head high and be proud because you’re making a positive difference in this world instead of just taking from it!

I have a client who is also a Minister. The other day he told me,”If you know something to be true and you don’t share it with the world, you’re selfish.” He then told me for him that’s his belief in the Bible, and he said for me it’s what I’ve learned about healthy living and loving yourself.

Go and live life to the fullest because it’s the only chance you get!



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