It’s Getting HOT in Texas!

Today it reached 100+ for the second day in a row here.  For Dallas, TX, this is nothing out of the ordinary.  It still doesn’t make it any easier.  I remember HATING the summer.  When your almost 500 pounds, you sweat when it’s 30 degrees, much less 100.  I hated having to wear less clothing because it showed off more of a body I was ashamed of.  I was also ashamed of who I was on the inside.  I would spend all of my free time in my apartment away from the world. The fewer people that saw me the better.  The problem is that’s when most of my in person radio appearances were.  I dreaded meeting new people and was just plain embarrassed.  Think about what a normal person does in the summer and then think of how a morbidly obese person would feel in that same situation.

Heres the list:


Go to the beach: Me-NO WAY!

Go to the amusement park: Me-And do what? Watch others have fun in the rides?

Go to the water park: Me-see beach above

Go to a baseball game: What seat do you expect me to fit in?

Go on a vacation: DO you want to pay for my second seat?

Go on a walk: Heat stroke after 10 minutes

About the only thing I would do is maybe swim in a friend’s pool.  I sure wasn’t going to the apartment complex’s pool and get stared at by the neighborhood kids.


Mich and Kristy at Sidekicks
Brian and Jamie


So, fast forward to now.  I’m about 190 pounds and in great shape!  I have quite a bit of loose skin on my legs and chest, even after my abdominoplasty, but I couldn’t care less!  I have no problem going shirtless!  Beach, bring it! Amusement Park, yes please! Baseball game, every chance I get! Go on a walk in 100 degree heat…hell, go on a RUN! Just stay hydrated and I’m fine with sunblock!  You get the idea.  I couldn’t be having more fun!  The only thing keeping me from doing everything I want is I just can’t afford EVERYTHING.  Working on that though…

Before any of these were possible, I had to change my self image.  Once that happened, the physical self caught up.  It’s the old “Think it and you will be it” adage.  It’s not overnight, took me years, but it will happen if you know you deserve it.  This is the same in health, business, and family.  You must believe in yourself and then you’re capable of ANYTHING! Things won’t always go your way.  Failures happen all of the time.  That’s what is called learning.  THen you use that knowledge to succeed.




Brian Beck



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