Most Personal Trainers Really Don’t Understand Weight Loss

Now that I’ve been a Personal Trainer for a while, I have met hundreds of others in my field.  Most are very good at what they do, some are not.  One seemingly common factor is most don’t understand weight loss with morbidly obese people.  When someone is morbidly obese, 99% of the time its mental.  Of course eating too much bad food and not exercising is physical, but there is always a mental block behind it.  I know there was for me when I was almost 500 pounds at 5’9″.  I literally hated myself.  I had very little I enjoyed in life.  When I look back, being a Radio Talk Show Host was about all I enjoyed.  When I was off the air, I was miserable.  Sure I was somewhat successful at it, but what I wasn’t successful at was truly loving myself.  I wished I was dead many times.

What I hear Personal Trainers say most of the time is that overweight people just don’t want to lose bad enough.  They have to want it more than they want food.  I guarantee that there is not one morbidly obese person that wants food more than being a normal size.  Wanting it is NOT the problem.  The problem is knowing you deserve it!  When we are that obese, we are constantly told we are less than human.  We are a scourge to society.  We cost society too much in health care.  We have to pay more to fly. We are lazy. We are just not as good of a human being as a person of normal weight.  We, in turn, start believing what we hear.

When we feel like we are less than human, why would we deserve to be in better health?  We might as well eat ourselves to death, right?  Ad agencies do this to sell you products.  You feel like you need their product to be more normal.  This will be the “product” that turns your life around you miserable fat person.  At least that is what I would hear when I was morbidly obese, whether it was said that way or not.  Plus, even skinny people can be miserable pieces of crap.  When you meet one of those miserable people, they want you to feel miserable too, so they do their best to make you feel like you are less that you are.

Now, what will change your life is knowing that YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!  That is the key.  Not that you don’t want it bad enough, that you lack willpower, or that you will die if you don’t do something.  You have to know that as a human being, especially in the United States of America, you have the right to achieve happiness!  You are good enough to treat yourself the best. You are a good enough person to get up in the morning and enjoy every stinking day of your life!  You have the right to experience the best in life.  You have the right to feel like you belong because you do belong! When you realize this and achieve it, you will want to pass it along to others like I do!  When you realize this, you will lose some close friends and family.  It’s sad, but true.  Not everyone will be comfortable with the new you.  They will be used to the old you and feel even betrayed by your new found confidence.  Don’t let them drag you down.  Even try to pull them up with you!  If they aren’t receptive, cut the cord and move on.  You have to worry more about yourself now.  It’s not selfish to be this way because everyone that wants to be apart of your new life will be better off for having a personal relationship with you!

Now decide if you are worth it.  I want to know what you decide!

Brian Beck

IMG_1441 Mich assumes the position



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