It Took 40 Years, but Worth Every Second!

I’m only going to say this because I love what I do! Growing up, my dad was a Business Professor at Richland College in Dallas, then at Collin College in McKinney and Plano, TX. I always though I was smart enough and never listened to his advice for me on anything. I remembered the books he would tell me to read to learn about how to be financially responsible. I never listened and even though I had some good jobs over the years, I never was financially responsible.

Two authors that stood out were Zig Ziglar and Robert Kiyosaki (“Rich Dad Poor Dad” author). Both were very influential in how I operate now. I also like Bob Beaudine (“The Power of Who” author). Now I can rattle off many more authors, but those are my 3 favorite. It took until I turned 40 to read these! You want to know what all of them had in common for recommendations? JOIN A NETWORK MARKETING ORGANIZATION!. I was totally against them all of my life and thought they were scams. Some of them are, most are not. Why do they recommend them? Not to become millionaires, but to learn about yourself. You have only yourself to blame or get the credit for success. You can say I’m full of crap, but these 3 authors all are well respected businessmen and motivational speakers with exceptional character (RIP Zig).

There is a company out there that will also go along with your passions. For me, that was Advocare. I’m a Personal Trainer. I was broke and out of work after losing my radio job of 4 years. I’ve also lost over 300 pounds, some of that thanks to Advocare! I did the research and I found some amazing people involved with the company. Walter Peyton Award winner for 2013, Jason Witten, Drew Brees, and hundreds more unpaid endorsers. I checked out their business model, like all of the authors say to do, and it was exactly what I needed. No minimums, no hidden crap, everything was laid out and easy to understand. Plus, the products made me feel GREAT! I bit the bullet (in my case a whopping $79) and took the plunge. I’ve never looked back. Now I make an extra $500-$1000/month after just a few months!

I’m not a millionaire off of it, but I do better every pay period. I also found out that I am capable of being more than I ever though I could be, which is what those 3 great authors and motivators said would happen. I am more confident in myself and my marriage is stronger because of it. My Personal Training business is taking off also because my confidence levels are much higher all because of the classes that I get from Advocare for FREE! I’m no genius, but it doesn’t take a genius to do network marketing. It just takes a good company, a great product, and a little passion and desire.

It’s the wave of the future. Companies are no longer their for us as employees. How many of you are looking for work or are beholden to a company for your “paycheck”? The other thing that those 3 authors have in common…they worked for themselves! It takes courage, but if you have the courage to branch out on your own and not rely on someone else to tell you what your worth, find out what you’re capable of and do the research! I’m in love with life all over again, and this weekend, I will be joining 25,000+ other great people involved with Advocare in Fort Worth as we celebrate being a 20 year old company. I may only be 6 months with them, but I will be a part of this for a long time to come. As will many other great doctors, athletes, and business-people.

All it takes is a little trust in yourself. If you don’t have that, you have much more than money to worry about!




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