The MOST Important Aspect of Weight Loss


No matter who you talk to about weight loss and weight management, they should tell you the most important thing you MUST do is eat right.  If they don’t list that first, run for the hills.  Every expert I trust tells me the same thing.  It’s at least 80% nutrition, 20% exercise.  Now, the be overall healthy, exercise is necessary. Getting your heart rate up helps your cardiovascular system immensely.  Resistance training builds lean muscle mass and makes you stronger.  However, if your goal is to lose weight, you must practice proper nutrition.  

What is proper nutrition?  If you ask 100 different experts, you may hear 100 different definitions.  That is because everyone is different.  Plus, some people try to make it complicated when it really isn’t.  Some of you may be diabetic, lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, etc.  Therefore, your diet may need to be different that others.  Proper nutrition is something that CAN be attained by everybody.  

I can only speak about what’s worked for me and my clients.  

1. Throw away all processed foods.  Maybe donate them to a charity or shelter.  The only stuff in a box in your kitchen should be brown rice, whole wheat pasta, or Stevia.  Maybe some jarred or canned tomatoes. If it’s not in your pantry or refrigerator, you won’t eat it!

2. Keep tons of fresh fruits and vegetables around.  When you are hungry, you will only have good stuff to choose from. Also, buy what’s in season because it’s usually cheaper too!

3. Keep some different types of protein around. I get tired of chicken breast.  I love grilling skinless chicken thighs.  Also salmon, turkey, pork loin, and lean beef are great sources of protein.  

4. Sweet potatoes, not white potatoes.  Sweet potatoes are FANTASTIC for you.  Just don’t load them up with tons of butter and sugar.

6. Good fats are good!  That makes sense, right?  We need fats to use fat soluble vitamins.  Get your fats from things like salmon, olive oil, and omega 3 supplements.  

5. Supplements.  I am a daily user of supplements.  Some people believe in them, some don’t.  All I can say is I used to be 500 pounds.  I’ve lost more than 300 pounds and I don’t think I would have stayed as healthy and strong as I have without supplements.  Omega 3 fats, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals are things our body needs to be truly healthy.  My choice has been Advocare. I get everything I need in one place for me and my clients. My favorite product is the 24 Day Challenge!  I’ve done the Challenge 3 times and lost a total of 45 pounds just with that! It keeps me accountable and the guidelines are easily laid out.

You don’t have to follow my recommendations. Heck, you don’t HAVE to do anything! But there you have the tools to eating better right in front of you. The only excuse you have is not wanting it bad enough!

You can see in the picture that our doggies eat right too, thanks to Paws Dog Barkery in Plano, TX


Brian Beck

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer



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