Choices Make Us Who We Are

These days, people tend to believe that we don’t have any choices.  What do I mean by that? Far too many feel that everything is laid out for us.  We are stuck in a rut with no way to get out.  Especially in our middle aged years.  Some have been at the same job for a while, some are considerably out of shape, and some have come to the point of just not caring.  They use the excuse,”I do it for my kids.”, or ,”I do it for my family.” Really? You stress yourself out for your kids? You eat poorly and don’t exercise for your family? That goes back to an earlier blog about excuses.  It’s your choice to believe that you have no choice!  What the heck does that mean?  

When I was severely out of shape, I was on my way home from a job I hated.  I remember being in a very cheap car driving home in a rich business district of Dallas.  I was always embarrassed to drive that car to work.  I worked in a building where almost everyone drove a Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, etc.  I had a $12,000 Saturn Ion.  I look back and I wasn’t ashamed of the car so much as I was with my lot in life.  I was morbidly obese, around 400 pounds.  I was 38 years old and I felt the only good choice I’d made over the years was my wife.  I tried for a decade to make it in the radio business.  I’d held jobs as a Talk Show Host, Morning Show DJ, Producer, Commercial Editor, and many other titles.  I loved radio, but I hated the way employees were treated.  Unless you were one of the top personalities, you were treated like garbage.  Why? Because they could.  I just kept plugging away at my job.  Very low pay, very low employee morale, and the perks were even taken away. But, I didn’t feel like I had a choice.  What did I have left?  What choices did I have? 

On the way home, a lady in a brand new Lexus basically ran me of the road.  It wasn’t personal, she was on her cell phone.  I took it personally!  I pulled off to the side of the road and literally started crying.  I called my wife and I was hysterical.  I thought that life in general was just out to get me no matter what I did.  She talked me down, like she’s done so many times.  

When I arrived home, I had to take an inventory of my life.  Why was I in the situation I was in? I wanted to blame everyone else, but I couldn’t.  These had been my choices and I had to live with them.  But, from here on out, I would start making better choices.  I asked myself the question,”What do I have control of right now?” I can’t control my job.  I can’t control my income.  I can control how I think, feel, approach things, and I CAN CONTROL MY HEALTH!

That’s when I just started eating better, exercising, and all around owning my choices.  I controlled what I could in my life.  Over the next 2 years, something amazing happened, my life started to change!  Not only was I becoming healthier, I was happier.  I was making better choices all around.  My bosses at work didn’t like this one bit.  I had self confidence.  I chose to be around more positive people. For every choice I made, I thought about the consequences.  Everything just came together better.  My wife and I were happier!  Life was better!  Doors just started opening left and right.  I left my job where people were full of negativity and I started hanging around successful people more and learning from them.

What I’m trying to get through to everyone is that we always have choices in one way or another.  Instead of choosing the status quo, choose to be great!  Every time you choose to better yourself in any way, a new door or opportunity will open up for you.  You just have to realize you deserve it!



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