Accountability: More Important Today Than Ever!

I always tell my clients that accountability is the most important service I offer. Let’s face it, ANYONE can go online, read a book, or just observe a Personal Trainer to learn how to exercise properly.  However, if you do that, what is holding you accountable?  Some people are driven enough they don’t need someone to hold them accountable in health.  Most of us don’t have that same drive.  In my opinion, that is the most important service a Personal Trainer/Life Coach can offer.

Accountability is something we usually need in ALL aspects of our lives. If we really could hold ourselves accountable with our everyday lives, would we need Police Officers? What keeps most of us from speeding? The threat of a ticket.  That is holding us accountable.  When someone is addicted to Alcohol and goes to AA, why do they set that person up with a sponsor? To be accountable to someone.  This, in turn, will make it less likely for that person to take a drink of alcohol.  When we were in school and had homework, why did we do the homework? Because the next day, the teacher would hold us accountable.  When we go to work, especially when 80% of Americans HATE their jobs, why do we do it? Because a boss and a paycheck hold us accountable.  We do a lot of things we don’t want to do because there is someone, or something, holding us accountable.  Of course, my feelings on that are mixed…but that’s a rant for another day.

Why, in turn, would you think that you can just go to the gym on your own and do everything you need to do without having someone holding you accountable?  Most people think that they can hire a Personal Trainer for a session or two and then never come back.  They believe they’ve learned a few exercises and now they can do it on their own.  The vast majority of those people fail at their fitness goals. Why? They have nobody holding them accountable!  Maybe you just need a workout partner.  That’s great and I highly recommend that! But, with today’s society, it’s hard to find someone with a similar schedule to do that with.  Even if it’s just once a week, I recommend hiring a Personal Trainer to make sure you get your body moving! But, make sure you hire one who WILL hold you accountable.  If your trainer doesn’t care about your well-being, neither will you.

We, as human beings, are not perfect.  We weren’t built to be perfect.  Having accountability in our lives makes us better people and that is worth more than anything money can buy!

Brian Beck

Karin and Brian 2

Karin is the one holding ME accountable!


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