Why Set Goals?

ImageFor most of my life, I really didn’t set any goals.  It could have been laziness, lack of inspiration, lack of self-esteem, or any number of things.  I just muddled through life and really didn’t care if I accomplished anything.  Sadly, that seems to be most of America today.

It’s not that we aren’t hard workers, but when you go into the same mundane job every day, what are your goals and accomplishments there?  When I was in wine sales, what was my goal? To sell more wine and make more money? Is that really an accomplishment?  Who am I helping? The owner of the store? The people who are buying wine? My manager’s quarterly bonus? Then I was laid off…with what to show for it? Before that, I was a Radio Talk Show Host.  What were my goals? To get more listeners? To entertain? To make my sponsors happy? To improve the company’s bottom line? After wine sales I went back into radio.  I was a Radio Traffic Reporter sitting in a closet doing 90 reports in 8 hours.  Oh, what’s that? You thought it was all fun and games in radio? I was on about 10 different stations total doing traffic reports in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, etc.  What were my goals?  No matter how many reports I did or how good I was at it, I got paid the same.  I recorded the report, made sure I used the right name for that city, and hit send for it to be played back in a couple of minutes on some distant station.  What was my goal? To not screw up? To not get yelled at?

During my 4 years as a Traffic Reporter, I decided to set a goal.  I had fluctuating weight issues.  I was 500 pounds at one time.  I did lose down to 300 pounds then gained back to 400 pounds.  I decided that my goal was to get healthy.  I was newly married and I wanted to be around for my wife.  I also wanted something more than what I was doing in radio.  So, from September of 2010 to November 2011, I lost about 180 pounds!  It was mostly how I fed my body. It was my goal to just be happier with myself.  My self-esteem skyrocketed!  My job satisfaction plummeted.  I knew I was better than this.  Who was I helping? The company didn’t care if my traffic information was correct as long as I read the sponsors.

So, in November of 2011, I quit.  In the past, I only quit jobs if I had another one lined up.  Well, not the case here.  I had an abdominoplasty scheduled for February to remove my excess skin.  Once I healed from that, I earned my certification to be a Personal Fitness Trainer!  I decided I wanted to help people feel as good as I do!  I also wanted to live life! For my birthday and our 5th anniversary, my wife and I went on a 2 week train trip to the west coast that was the trip of a lifetime for me.  Now, I could enjoy things like this.  I was fit.  I was healthy.  So was my wife!  We visited 4 cities we had never been to before.

What this made me realize is what life has to offer.  What if I could make a living helping people AND do things I only dreamed of.  Well, time to set more goals.  Once you set goals and put things in motion, something amazing happens…you tend to accomplish them! So, here are my goals for 2013:

1.Get re-certified in SCUBA and dive in the ocean

2. To fly in a single engine plane (try doing that when you’re 400+ pounds!)

3. To have at least 10 regular clients I help become healthier

4. To help at least 100 people realize their potential to just have a better life

5. To run my businesses, not my businesses run ME

Let me know your goals!  Whatever they are, know that you can accomplish them!

Brian Beck

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer



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