My Defining Moment

I get asked all of the time,”What made you change your health?”

1.There are a few things in my timeline. In 2003, I had a radio job interview in Orlando.
I couldn’t go because they would only pay for one plane ticket from Dallas and I required 2 because I was 500 pounds. I couldn’t afford the other one and lost out.

2. I had gastric bypass surgery and lost down to 300 pounds. I gained back up to 400 by 2010.

3. I got married in 2007 and wanted to actually be around for my wife…you know, that whole love thing!

4. I was in a job that made me miserable. I was a Radio Traffic Reporter making $24,000 a year. No raise for about 4 years working 6 days a week. I was just told,”Be happy you have a job!” People getting laid off around me left and right and wondering every day if that was my day to be let go.

Finally, I asked myself,”What do I have control over?” I realized, at that time, health was about the only thing I could control. I just started walking my dogs more and eating better. I researched nutrition and followed to a “T” what I learned. It took less than 2 years to go from 400 pounds to 210 pounds.

Then, there was another round of layoffs at my job and I went from doing 20-30 traffic reports in 8 hours to doing 90 reports in 8 hours in a studio the size of a closet! No time to even go to the bathroom. I like to be around people and that wasn’t happening anymore. I would record a report and hit send 90 times in a row. My job was controlling me. I quit. Yep, I quit. As a matter of fact, I was on unemployment for a little while because the state of Texas agreed that my work environment changed so drastically that I had the right. There were big hearings over the phone with Clear Channel executives from all over the country and little me. They fought with everything they had, and Texas still sided with me.

The reason I bring this up was that getting healthy not only increased my physical well being, it increased my self esteem! I was better than this!

Now, everything has turned out fantastic! I’m my own boss for the first time in my life! I’m not rich, but I’m on my way. I’m a partner in my business with my beautiful wife, Karin. She lost her job of 11 years at the same time I left my job. Talk about scary! We not only survived, we thrived! She’s lost 80 pounds as well and both of us look forward to what each day holds. Throw it at us, we’re ready!

This is why I post about my training business and Advocare so much. If you had something you believed this much in that has made such an amazing difference in your lives, you’d be telling anyone that would listen too!

Now, instead of being torn down by my job and my health, I spend my days not only making people healthier, I make them realize just what they are capable of! I can’t imagine a better way to make a living!


Brian Beck

brian@trainmebrian.comBrian Beck


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